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3 Handwriting Strategies for Students Grades 3-5

I'm left-handed, which as a child made it very difficult to have good handwriting. And watching a teacher that was righting with her right hand was not always the most helpful for me. It wasn't fun. But, through my struggle, I gained numerous strategies I now use with my students to help them improve their handwriting.


Above is the video lesson for the handwriting strategy I'll explain in this post.

When I was in the classroom, I saw so many students struggle to get their thoughts on paper because they were concerned about their handwriting. I understand the struggle. I was there. That is probably why I can draw well; it was my way to still communicate without writing.

Sometimes giving children a quick strategy and multiple practice opportunities encourage them to make mistakes and find their eraser is their best friend in writing.

I made a new video for my YOUTUBE channel to focus on my favorite three strategies I use. I'll be adding more techniques next week for additional handwriting resources.


This lesson includes three handwriting strategies I use with my students to help them improve their handwriting.

There is a goal-setting opportunity for students at the beginning of the video. Then after the instruction and practice of the three strategies, students will again have a chance to check their handwriting and reflect on their writing and goal.


Here are the handouts that works with this lesson, but if preferred, you can also have students write on sticky notes or their journal to complete the practice activities in this lesson.

Handwriting Strategies Handouts_Moreno M
Download • 3.18MB

Students can pause, review, fast forward as needed to complete the activities within this video. I designed the video to set up practice activities for each strategy; then, I ask students to pause the video if they need additional time to write their own example, then hit play when they are ready to continue working.


Rule of 3: Students will change just three small things in their sentence to improve the overall readability of their writing. This way, students are not reluctant to edit; this strategy used over time will help them get comfortable editing and revising their work—this strategy I used every day for every writing lesson when I was in the classroom. Now with tutoring students, I still use it as a quick editing technique after a student writes. You can use this strategy even in reading. I’ll make more videos soon about how I use RULE of 3 in more ways.

Make it Like a Molecule: This strategy helped keep letters in a word close together and words spaced correctly from other words in students writing. This strategy goes with two additional strategies I will add in another video called “Eight is Great” and “Laffy Taffy Letters.”

Pencil Spacing: Students will practice using their pencils to help them quickly check the spacing of their letters and words. The erase checks the space between words, the pencil tip is used to check the distance between letters within a word.


Handouts can be printed in color or black and white. This PDF is a four-page document that will allow students to practice and set goals for their writing. These handouts can be used as stand-alone handouts or as flip-up activity visuals for writing journals.

Handwriting Strategies Handouts_Moreno M
Download • 3.18MB

If you prefer to use Google slides for this presentation and present the skills without the video lesson, here is the link that will allow you to view the 31 slide lesson. I included some videos within the Google slides, but not all that are found in the YouTube video lesson.

Disclaimer: Some images and sounds in this video are from

I was a certified teacher for over eight years before becoming a private tutor and stay at home mom, and then started my writing resource website For more writing resources please contact me at or on Instagram @Chris.C.Moreno.

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